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The 1st Chinese Brand Fishing Tackle Expo: About 90 Million Chinese Fishing Enthusiasts

Date:2015年3月28日 11:35

In new network Beijing on 12 November, (reporter Wang Xi) the first Chinese brand gear Expo press conference held in Beijing on the afternoon of 12. The State Sports General Administration of Social Sports Guidance Center Deputy Director Liu Beijian said, as the world's fishing gear producing countries, China 2011 GDP reached 35000000000 yuan, with exports amounting to 20000000000 Yuan, accounting for 80% of world market.
It is understood, China fishing as a sport began in 1983, has been nearly 30 years. Among them, Chinese Sport Fishing Association was founded in Beijing in January 9, 2012, the organization to promote the development of sport fishing, active cultural and sports life of the broad masses of the people for the purpose of.
Liu Beijian said that the sport fishing has a deep foundation of the masses and a large group of enthusiasts in the country. According to a rough estimate, China currently has nearly ninety million fishing enthusiasts, all kinds of fishing competitions across the country to participate in the number exceeded 500000 passengers.
But Liu Beijian pointed out that, although the Chinese fishing production enterprises in recent years the rapid rise and growth, but still difficult to cover up the lack of supervision, lack of industry market mechanism guide mechanism, leading to emerge in an endless stream, shoddy, counterfeit and infringing bargain with each other and other phenomena, and damage to the healthy development of the legitimate interests of the majority of fishing gear and fishing industry Chinese enterprise.
Because of this, the first Chinese brand gear is emerge as the times require. According to the reporter, this exhibition will be different from other similar exhibitions at home, do not be a purpose in order to product transaction, not the pursuit of trading volume, not the pursuit of trading volume, but will focus to brand display, new product launches, corporate communication, policy and so on, sport fishing and fishing industry docking, provide convenience fishing gear and fishing enterprises market.
Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary General Chen Zhenmeng said that this exhibition will be permanently settled in Beijing, and to promote the development of sport fishing with Chinese characteristics, and comprehensively improve the level of China's fishing, create a new situation in the development as the main target of fishing.
He said that the exhibition will also to regulate the market, the protection of national brand of fishing gear, and guide rational consumption of health as the main means, through the display of Chinese and foreign fishing activities to build an international exchange platform, high-level, large-scale, high efficiency, create an authoritative, international, brand of fishing gear exhibition brand in asia.
In addition, during the exhibition, the organizing committee will also organize a "forum" and "top ten Award" and other activities, in order to make suggestions for the sustainable development of China's fishing advice.

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