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Fishing is a Kind of Mental State.

Date:2015年3月28日 11:34

Find a lake clear water, catch a few fish tail trouble; life loss, swim midgard.
Since ancient times, fishing is fishing enthusiasts among people in the fishing activities, with a love of nature, the vision of life, the taste of life and came to a river, Lake
So, the pond fishing place, enjoy the vitality of the outdoors, breathe the fresh air, fresh wind blowing, away from the noisy city, holding a fishing rod like, looking at a lake to a circle of ripples, rod quiver with joy as the old boy, use four words to describe - ran.
Everything has its opposite, there is a bright side to side with anger, fishing is a kind of artistic conception, cultivate a character, but with the electric fish fishing has been known to all, a lot of people use electric fishing tools for the benefit of a large number of fish in the pond, lake, severely damaged the ecological balance of nature.
According to relevant regulations, after the death of fish and shrimp fishing induced coma by electric field, drugs, explosion, which belongs to the extinction, predatory, banned in china. The illegal electric fishing operations, can be used as 100000 yuan of the following penalties.

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