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The Technical Requirements and Main Functions of the Fishing Box

Date:2015年3月28日 11:31

The development of a lot of things is so simple, there is a need to have a market. The late 80 's, hanging pendant fishing fishing in the domestic circle, and soon became popular, many fishing activities in the country also started to have the market. The natural bait box, was introduced into China, but in many people's eyes, it is a temporary or not come in handy objects. That being said, but we do not neglect the Chinese clever fact, China fishing is a group of clever. According to the development of the fishing China, they finally found a new use for bait box. That is, since the feed box is arranged above a piece of square space, why not treat yourself to the hips, sitting directly above, do not save fishing chair this equipment? Well, this place! But then again, there is no place to put the fishing tool! Oh, this is also easy to handle, we can in the feed box around with different accessories! What pole bracket, bracket, an umbrella frame and fish food basket, put around them are installed in the feed box! In this way, one in the pond can be integrated using bait box through gradually transformed into a fishing box, fishing people favored by "". With the development of sport fishing fishing fishing box, use more and more, also unceasingly enhances to the fishing box requirements. Fishing box for fishing, mainly used for bait and fish, need large capacity, light weight, cold resistant of the fishing box. Competitive fishing and fishing method, fishing box is mainly used to sit, the pole, fish, bait box is arranged in the fish tank, make all sorts of equipment position arrangement, more effective performance of various equipment, make the sport fishing easier. This requires a fishing box function, light weight, especially fishing box cover bearing force. The box fishing sport market, a variety of domestic fishing box is generally more functions, but the weight is heavy. While imports of fishing box with light weight, more popular, but generally less functional, some fishing box cover bearing capacity is not enough, and can not meet the demand, this ultra lightweight fishing box is designed to meet the above requirements and design of the sport fishing box. The storage box is convenient, small window to open both sides, sitting can be put various small accessories. Practical proof net, when used as bait and bait in the fish tank, the bait is not easy to be affected with damp. The fixed frame position were thickened, improve the general status of unstable fixed frame. Design comfortable strap, shoulder pads not le, equipped with buckle straps, sit not fall on the ground. The right height, holding the fishing pole, elbow was on his knees, was not a bit tired. Cold super power, the filler is filled with polyurethane foam material and refrigerator, the inner layer and the outer layer of tightly integrated fishing box. Although the fishing box effect, but its advantage more reflected in the pond and competition. Many advocates of leisure fishing fishing friends will think it is too bulky, inconvenient to carry, if the lack of transport facilities, fishing and fishing ground is far away, and not smooth, carrying a fishing box to go fishing it is not convenient, and effort. Although a lot of people will say, I have a portable folding cart to a fishing box, where to put things started fishing, not very convenient? It is said that, for, if you feel a kind of products can be used in field situations, and fishing box has more advantages than the words, you will be tempted? Yes, this product also has a period of time, it is fishing. Still want to talk a few words of gossip, whether you admit it or not, China fishing circle is now divided into two factions are obvious, we were fishing people known as "competitive" and "leisure", and the two camp, like the most obvious difference is the difference between the seat. Strictly speaking, the fishing began to get everyone's attention in the circle of China fishing, also has the very big relations and sport fishing, for many years, Chinese fishing people are not satisfied with the standard pool in this little world of speed than fishing, sport fishing and the world they want to practice, is also eager to let go Chinese sport fishing on the world stage, and 2003 and 2004 in the two year, after many efforts, China team two times at international freshwater fishing contest, although achievement is not very ideal, but also make a lot of Chinese fishing people have a close understanding of the international fishing opportunities.

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