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The Fishing Tackle Enterprises Develop Vigorously Owing to the Excellent Service of Weihai Customs

Date:2015年3月28日 11:30

As an important base of national gear manufacturing, gathered more than 400 fishing production enterprises in Weihai City, in recent years the fishing industry showing a good momentum of development. The construction of Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone to promote in-depth, more is to create a good environment for Weihai as a key marine fishing industry. According to statistics, in 2011 the Weihai fishing exports totaled $337000000, an increase of 8%.
According to the processing trade enterprises to occupy half of the country's area with characteristics of fishing enterprises, Weihai customs has taken a number of measures to facilitate the enterprises to carry out the processing trade business in electronic books: network supervision of large enterprises at the same time, the implementation of electronic manual mode for medium and small fishing enterprises, enterprises can according to the contract for the manual completion of the execution of the contract, each will be closed manual, flexible and convenient. Part of the record set up special posts, according to the characteristics of the gear industry unit energy consumption is difficult to determine, to provide personalized guidance for fishing enterprises. The opening of the domestic Easy Access, designated enterprises are pre classification and pre price of domestic goods, the whole process of tracking guidance for domestic enterprises to declare, customs clearance, tax and other types of business online.
In addition, the Weihai customs also launched the "multi-point declaration, port clearance, the implementation of 365 days to ensure priority clearance, customs clearance of import and export companies, as the fishing tackle products to enter the international market to create a fast and convenient channel. Gong Juan then said: "the appointment and convenient customs clearance, customs take overtime and other measures, not only shorten the customs clearance time, but also greatly reduce the cost of customs clearance, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the rapid development of our business is inseparable from the support!

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