We are now handing out Cy Young awards to .500 pitchers? This years A.L. Cy Young award winner Felix Hernandez went 13-12 and guys like C.C. Sabathia and David Price get nothing? Sabathia went 21-7 and Price went 19-6 and one of them should be holding a Cy Young right now. Screw the new sabermetrics stat geeks, Felix Hernandez does not deserve this award, not this year. I know he played on a terrible team and had no type of run support from the sorry no account Seattle Mariners, but come on people. I am not trying to bash Felix Hernandez and like him as a player, my beef is with the voters and the injustice they have caused. This makes me think of the NCAA's BCS crap that we get every fall and winter. Whats next a manager who wins 75 games being named the manager of the year?