After reading about the latest drama to engulf Redskins Park, a name for their ongoing soap opera popped into my head, "As The Redskins Burn". I think it's a perfect name considering what has transpired over the last decade or so to bring a once proud Washington Redskins franchise to it's knees and to fracture their bond with all of us lifelong loyal fans. It's really tough to watch this happen to your favorite team!

Our owner is now threatening to bring a lawsuit against the Washington City Paperover an article written by Dave McKenna back in November that has greatly upset him. Our owner wants the paper to fire Mr. McKenna as retribution for upsetting him or get slapped with the lawsuit. The paper has checked the facts and is standing by Mr. McKenna's story, I'm happy to hear it. The Washington City Paper will bow to no bully!

Will the game of football ever become more than a secondary obligation at Redskins Park? Whenever you hear former players or our current diva running back talk about the atmosphere at Redskins Park it becomes apparent that football is not the main agenda. We will never see any success on the field until that changes. I really thought by bringing in Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan that things were going to improve, but that feels more like a smokescreen at this point.

I remember a time when the Redskins were king of the hill in the NFL and the stands at RFK Stadium would rock and sway from the fans going crazy. The NFC Playoffs were almost a given and 4 Super Bowl appearances with 3 wins in a 12 year period spoiled me. I never thought I would see the team go through such a drastic downfall and become a misguided and drama filled soap opera that pretends to be a football team.