I know that negativity sells, but come on people! The most talked about thing surrounding the Washington Wizards is the problem of Gilbert Arenasand John Wall,  how they are heading for a confrontation and blah,blah,blah. Neither one of these guys has ever indicated any issue with the other and seem to be doing well on and off the court. Lets wait until we see a problem before we go and create one. I think these guys will really feed off each other and lead the Wizards to a playoff berth, yes I said playoff berth, this year! Another thing I want to say is that I hope Ted Leonsis will change the team name back to the Bullets! I had to go Old School with the picture because I identify with Gil on some level and I do think he's misunderstood. This dude has been a real contributor to making the Wizards matter and I appreciate him getting us into the playoffs and into the 2nd round!