Well it's almost here and my beloved Washington Wizards are picking #1 and will be selecting PG John Wall from Kentucky. It's been a tough couple of years and getting John Wall is a nice way to start the Ted Leonsis era off on the right foot. The Wizards also hold the #30 and #35 picks tonight as well and have not been shy about letting teams know they would like to get more picks tonight. There is a rumored deal in place with the Chicago Bulls for their #17 pick and Kirk Hinrich, but it's not clear on what the Wizards have to give up in return. That deal can't be finalized until July 8th, so the Bulls are picking their pick for the Wizards if there is really a deal in place. I'm excited about the future of this franchise and convinced that new owner Ted Leonsis is the right guy to lead this franchise back to respectability!