The NFL playoffs officially begin for the Washington Redskins when they step on the field next week in New York and play the Giants! Don't laugh, it's true. The Redskins are currently sitting at 5-6 and have no more wiggle room and can't afford another loss, but if they win out then their in the NFC playoffs at 10-6. It can be done, but they need to cease the mistakes and squandered opportunities they let slip through their fingers week in and week out. The time for excuses and moral victories are over, it's now time for winning and thats it, no matter what, it's about doing your job and getting a win. They have put themselves in this tight spot and can't blame nobody but themselves for this, look at the games and plays that have been left on the field. Each player that steps on the field needs to focus and concentrate on his assignment each and every play to the best of his abilities and let the chips fall where they may. The only game that matters is the one coming up each week and must be approached and prepared for that way.