Why are Washington Redskins fans being tortured with Vinny Cerrato? Honestly, I think we've suffered enough and it makes me SICK to hear this little bug eyed, coked out looking troll on the radio and blaming everyone and their mother for his idiotic mistakes! Stand up like a man and say you screwed up, but no you attack Jim Zorn and anyone else because your gutless. Damn straight I'm bitter, but I will admit it! You ruined the Washington Redskins, yes you, Vinny!

I can't believe you get on the radio and act like you are some kind of NFL Guru! You are a little slick talking con artist that talks a good game, but thats all it is, talk! Real Redskins fans will NEVER forgive you for what you have done to our team, NEVER. You smoothed talked an inexperienced football guy in Dan Snyder and thats how you got inside the organization. You aren't qualified to carry the water jug, much less put an NFL roster together! It was clear when Dan first bought the team that he didn't really understand the game and that was your opening.

If you don't believe me then pull some tapes and watch some of Dan's early interviews and the proof is right there. I cringe whenever I hear you mention about a "Real Redskins" type of player because you don't know what that is. I think you are more whacked out than Charlie Sheen or at least you look and sound like you are! I'm mad at myself for wasting my time on you and will end this now.