It looked like the defending BCS Champion Alabama Crimson Tide were about to be knocked off their perch as the #1 team in the land! They were trailing 20-7 late in the 3rd quarter and the Arkansas Razorbacks had all the momentum. They missed their chance to land the knockout punch when it was 17-7 and the Razorbacks were driving to make it 24-7, but they stalled out and settled for a FG to go up 20-7. Those types of drives are the ones to put a team away and it always comes back to hurt them later in the game because those missed points add up. After that FG was when Alabama woke up and came charging back to win the game. Alabama RB Mark Ingram rushed for 157 yards and 2TD's and QB Greg McElroy was 6 of 9 passing in the 4th quarter. I was very impressed by the composure of the Alabama team. They had everything going against them and playing on the road in a very hostile stadium and never showed no panic. They rolled their sleeves up and went to work!