I'm a lifelong Washington Bullets/Wizards fan and just can't believe that we have slipped back into the abyss. A move or two needed to be made b/c it has been apparent that this roster could not get it done. I'm glad that I don't have to pay for season tickets b/c I would be very pissed off by the product that has been put on the court! So now where do we go from here? Who knows?  The best thing for this team is for Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis to purchase the team. The turnaround won't happen overnight, but his track record as an owner is solid  He is a great owner and has done a great job of getting the Washington Capitals turned around. He is great to the fans and goes to great lengths to make fans feel appreciated. It looks like the Wizards will have some cap room to make a run at a top tier free agent this summer. Now ask yourself this, what big time free agent will come here without an owner in place? None b/c a new owner could mean a whole new front office and coach whose system may or may not fit the players skill set. The ownership situation needs to be resolved before the team can hope to move forward. Now I know how Bill Murray felt in the movie Groundhog Day!