Mike Shanahan is benching QB Donovan McNabb and turning the offense over to Rex Grossmanfor this weeks game in Dallas. I don't like this move and think it sends the wrong message. Why are they making this move now? Donovan had a decent game last week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and led the team on a long drive at the end of the game for what appeared to be a game tying TD until our holder mishandled the snap on the extra point attempt. The game was not lost because of Donovan McNabb, if our kicker makes one of the two easy field goals he missed during the game then the Redskins would have won the game. McNabb's numbers last week don't look that bad, he was 22-35 for 228 yards with 2 TD's and 0 INT's, so why bench the guy now? I know he has missed some passes, but every QB does the same thing. I think McNabb has done well considering the lack of talent the team has given him to work with this year. The offense has no real game changers for a defense to worry about. The offensive line needs a major overhaul and we don't have a legitimate #1 WR on the roster. The running game is really a joke, but has had it's moments. Our TE's drop to many balls or seem to fumble the ones they manage to catch. I think this switch to Rex Grossman will change absolutely nothing and may even fracture the locker room more than it already is. I'm extremely disappointed in how this season has gone under the leadership of Mike Shanahan and son! I really thought we were moving past all the chaos of years past and would return to being run like an NFL team. I see now that I was wrong.     I can't wait to hear what Mike Shanahan gives as the reason for this QB switch.

One thing I bet we will not hear is that McNabb doesn't understand the 2 minute offense. I wish he would just be honest and stop trying to play us fans like we're stupid because thats an insult. I hope they don't believe that going to Grossman will suddenly fix all the shortcomings of the offense they put together. What has changed this year under Mike Shanahan? Nothing, we are 5-8 and the soap opera atmosphere has once again returned to Ashburn!