picapp image I'm glad the NBA regular season is coming to a close because it has been a very depressing season for all of us Wizards fans! Going into this season it was expected that the team would return to the NBA Playoffs with the team healthy and new coach Flip Saunders taking over. Getting Brendon Haywood and Gilbert Arenas back from their injuries was supposed to be the answer. Being a native Washingtonian and growing up rooting for the Bullets/Wizards my whole life I've learned to be very cautious when it comes to expectations and this franchise. Nothing ever goes as planned, no matter what! They have broken my heart to many times in the past and I told myself it would never happen again, but it did! After opening the season on the road against the Dallas Mavericks with a convincing win I let my guard down and allowed myself to get all pumped up thinking of what a great season may be in store. Now I feel like an idiot, but I will never allow them to do it again! I mean it this time!